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My apologies for the past, very long, five days. I emailed the Gator asking for help with the mobile issue in the chat room. Their response was to suspend the site. They held it hostage for four days. I found this action… Read more

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Over the years I've come across many different opinions and controversies about what a true ANR is.. In my opinion, ANR can be simple but it's commonly complicated. Because of It's multi- layered and… Read more


well I'm coming up to a year that a join this site. in I find myself thinking about, if this web site is right for me? I know I haven't been on here consistently, but I believe it is hard to find pers… Read more

Full article (and video) here: http://www.komonews.com/news/local/Body … 46631.html Apparently there are people out there who drink human breast milk! Hide your children! Read more